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Welcome to Elite Taekwondo Academy, we are dedicated to professional instruction in Olympic-style Taekwondo.  We primarily serve the West Valley, including the growing areas of Litchfield Park, Goodyear, Buckeye, and Avondale, Arizona.
At Elite Taekwondo Academy, we focus on fundamentals and precision.  These form the basis of our best in class competition team.  Elite continually
dominates Taekwondo competitions all over the Southwestern US.
Our team is extremely confident and skilled.

In addition to training for competition, at Elite Taekwondo, we put a strong emphasis on self defense.  And to make sure you are capable, we encourage all of our students to enter the sparring competitons.  While not mandatory, sparring is the best way to test your skills.


For centuries, martial arts have been an integral part of Korean culture and heritage. Improved and passed down from teacher to student, the origins of Taekwondo can be traced back two thousand years, but it was not until after World War II that interests in Korean national pride and ancient martial arts led to its official development in 1955. Today, Taekwondo is practiced by school children and military alike as a way to build a strong sense of cultural pride and humility through strict discipline, physical conditioning, and mental training.

Taekwondo is a well rounded, empty-handed martial art that uses no weaponry. It’s numerous unique kicks and hand techniques make it ideal for self-defense and physical fitness while building character, integrity, and honor for people of any age. Training exercises the entire body, a physical science constantly evaluated and improved until individual movements are perfected into one. Through great concentration and effort, the mind must also work to achieve excellence in technique and effectiveness, making Taekwondo a discipline of mind and body. Through time, training and dedication,
students can learn to tailor the effectiveness and power of their technique to fit any situation.


by heightening your physical
and mental powers.


by encouraging you to succeed
and take control of your life.


by thoroughly training your body
and mind in the tenets and
techniques of Taekwondo.


Training you to recognize
situations in which physical
self-defense may be necessary, and
teaching you how to control such
situations to your advantage.


through increased physical
coordination and mental discipline.


Meet people and make
new friends.

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